Stephen has worked in production for the film industry, collaborating with directors, musicians, film editors and sound designers. His most recent feature film work includes an adaptation of Daniel Woodrell’s Tomato Red, directed by Juanita Wilson, and Brian O’Malley’s gothic horror, The Lodgers, which is available on Netflix after a successful cinema release. Stephen also worked on Neil Jordan's Ondine (2009), Saviours, a feature documentary directed by Liam Nolan and Ross Whittaker (2007), and Bogged Down, a short film directed by Barry Grant (2010). His television composition work includes Fran (Setanta 2011), IWitness (RTÉ documentary series 2003 - present), This Is Me (RTÉ documentary, 2010) and Face Value (RTÉ documentary, 2009).

Stephen's own work includes new live scores for a number of films, which have been performed in Ireland and the US. In 2018, he collaborated with Matthew Nolan on a live score to celebrate the 50th anniversary of George A. Romero's zombie classic, Night of the Living Dead, at Dublin's National Concert Hall. With Nolan, he also composed and performed a new score for the 1923 film, The Adventures of Prince Achmed at BAM in Brooklyn. In 2014, he co-composed a new live score of Fritz Lang's 1927 film Metropolis with 3epkano.

In 2017, he composed a live score to accompany a written performance by writer Sinéad Gleeson, which was performed in Dublin, and at Los Gatos Literary Festival in California. In 2019, he and Gleeson will perform a new piece at The Dock in Leitrim, based on her book of essays, Constellations (Picador, 2019).

Film work

  • The Lodgers (directed by Brian O’Malley), 2017

  • Tomato Red (directed by Juanita Wilson), 2017

  • Bogged Down (short, directed by Barry Grant), 2010

  • Ondine (directed by Neil Jordan), 2009

  • Saviours (feature documentary, directed by Liam Nolan, Ross Whittaker), 2007

Documentary and TV work

  • Fran (Setanta), 2011

  • IWitness (RTÉ documentary series), 2003 - present

  • This Is Me (RTÉ documentary), 2010

  • Face Value (RTÉ documentary), 2009

  • Jack Doyle: A Legend Lost (RTÉ documentary), 2008

  • Ireland’s Grand Slam Glory (RTÉ documentary), 2009

Live scoring work

  • Night of the Living Dead (1968) (live performance score with Matthew Nolan), 2018

  • Your Chroma (with writer, Sinéad Gleeson), 2018

  • The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1923) (live performance score), 2013

  • Metropolis (1927) (live performance score  with 3epkano), 2014

  • Der Golem (1915) (live performance score with 3epkano), 2012